Sno. Name Designation
1 Dr. Samarat Mukhopadhyay Associate Professor, IIT, New Delhi Chairman
2 Dr. Vijay Dua Head of Academic Affairs, NIFT, New Delhi Member
3 Dr. Alok Kumar Professor, IICT, Bhadohi Member
4 Dr. Prakash Vasudevan Director, SITRA, Coimbatore Member
5 Shri Arindam Basu Director, NITRA, Ghaziabad Member
6 Dr. Ravindra D.Kale Professor, ICT, Mumbai Member
7 Dr. Subhankar Maity Assistant Professor, UPTI, Kanpur Member
8 Director, IIHT Jodhpur Member
9 Director, IIHT, Salem Member
10 Director, IIHT, Varanasi Member
11 Director, IIHT, Guwahati Member
12 Director (Institute), IIHT, Fulia Member
13 Director, IIHT, Bargarh Member
14 Principal, SPKM IIHT, Venkatagiri Member
15 Principal, KHTI, Gadag Member
16 Principal, IIHT, Champa Member
17 Executive Director, IIHT, Kannur Member
18 Shri M. Balaji, Hantex India, Karur Member
19 19. Shri N. Sundaram,Adventure India, New Delhi Member
Constitution of Sub Committees with in BOAA
(i)Sub Committee -I : For Declaration of Results
The Members are
1 Chairman
2 Director/ Officer –in-Charge of all IIHTs
3 Convenor*
4 Experts for ancillary subjects viz, English, Physics, Maths etc. **
(ii)Sub- Committee – II : For preparation, moderation and printing of Question papers
1 Chairman
2 Convenor*
3 One Director/ OIC from Central Sector Institute ***
4 Once Principal/OIC from State Sector Institute ***
* Convenor – Director/Head of the Institute of Examination Cell
** The experts from the location where the meeting of sub committee
*** One Director/OIC from Central Sector Institute and one Principal/OIC from State Sector Institute for Sub Committee – II will be on rotation basis.
These two sub committees will meet twice in year
Meeting of BOAA. Once in year along with Governing Body (G.B.) to facilitate ratification of decisions taken in the meeting of BOAA by G.B.. The agenda for meeting of BOAA shall be compiled by Director, IIHT, Jodhpur in consultation with other IIHT.