The Institute Disciplinary Committee is formed for the upkeep of discipline on the campus. The committee will ensure that students obey rules and remain orderly and peaceful according to educational objectives in the institute. The committee will have a vision of creating a safe and motivating environment in our institution and bringing professionalism among students by the inculcation of best practices.

It shall be the duty of the Discipline Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of UGC/AICTE Regulations on curbing the Menace and Indiscipline behaviour on the campus as well as to monitor and oversee the performance of the Disciplinary Squad in the prevention of in-disciplinary activity in the institution.

Sl. Name Designation Position in Committe
1. Sh. V.K. Vyas SL (TP) Chairman
2. Sh. Vikram Singh Senior Lecturer (Textile) Vice Chairman
3. Sh. Maneesh Mathur Jr. Lecturer (TP) Member
4. Ms. Pragati Bajpai Sr. Instructor (Wvg) Member
5. Sh. B.K. Sharma Demonstrator (Weaving) Member
  1. To ensure a calm and peaceful academic atmosphere on the campus.
  2. To conduct enquiries on the report of indiscipilinary activities among the students.
  3. To initiate steps and submit recommendations to the head of office/director.


  1. To maintain and enforce strict discipline within the institute campus.
  2. All the students should wear their ID Cards while they are on campus.
  3. In case of any misbehaviour or violation of the rules, the ID cards of the students will be kept with the Disciplinary Committee Members till the enquiry is over.
  4. To enforce the total prohibition of cell phone usage by the students within the classes/hall.
  5. To monitor the movement of the students in the institute and prevent students from loitering around in the corridors during the institute's working hours.
  6. To ensure that the students attend classes without bunking. No student can leave the institute early without prior permission from the concerned class advisors/teachers.
  7. To ensure that students maintain complete silence in the library.
  8. Students shall
    1. Respect other’s feelings – no teasing, swearing, etc
    2. Respect other’s property – no theft, damage, etc.
  9. Keep your Institute clean just as you would keep your house clean. Throw rubbish in the bin, and keep the place clean always.
  10. Students shall
    1. Arrive to class on time with the necessary pieces of equipment/materials.
    2. Treat the teacher and other students with respect.
    3. Respect the rights and property of others.
    4. Act safely and responsibly.